JOHN BRAHENY 1938-2013

John Braheny – songwriter, founder of L.A.S.S., best selling author, mentor, coach, consultant, and champion of every songwriter, died on Saturday, 1/19/13. Please read more about John’s life from Dan Kimpel here ( ). John touched my songwriting life early on. His offer of a press quote for me saying I was easily one of the best songwriters he knows was a source of inspiration from that day forward. He also introduced me to domestic and international songwriters with whom I collaborated with with great sucess and fufillment. He knew what he was talking about. And when he talked, songwriters listened. John and his bride JoAnn were almost always seen side by side, and were a joy to run into. And they seemed to be everywhere! John – thank you – for your friendship, championing of my art, and your tireless efforts on behalf of all songwriters. You will be missed.

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