2013 Grammy Awards Sunday, 2/10/13

The first thing I appreciated was there were no glaring mess-ups technically. I know….that seems small, but man, in the past those production issues clouded my enjoyment of the evening.

Rather then going into all the detail – my favorite performances and moments, or my voting being aligned with most of the winners, I can say this for sure.

In my opinion, the Grammys have come a long long way. I remember the earlier days when they were criticized for being too mainstream and out of touch with the leading edge of music creativity. But today I feel they welcome the edge while advocating for recognizing those who have justly earned their place by passing the test of time. It’s not an easy thing. But the Recording Academy’s incredibly dedicated and talented staff of professionals bring it – and this year was no exception to their rule. They rule the music awards world, and earned their reputation as the music industry’s biggest night.

OK,OK…..I have to close by weighing in on just one favorite performance. Watch for Mr. Timberlake’s re-entry into music with his latest outing hitting the streets soon. You could feel it in the air – another Grammy magic moment.

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