The Grammy Awards, Sunday, Feb. 8th, 2015

The highlight of the pre-telecast Premiere Awards was when 20 Feet From Stardom won as the year’s best documentary. The Director lost his battle to cancer as he was finishing the credits to this amazing cinematic capture of the industry’s top back up and session singers. His young son spoke with his younger sister by his side, as their mother stood behind them, along side one of the iconic singers featured in the film. The boy, who looked to be about 12 years old spoke about his father’s wishes to bring this story to the world, and how proud he was of him. There was not a dry eye in the house. Beautiful. Another gratifying moment was watching my friend from South Africa win for the best new age album. His genuine joy and excitement epitomized a true music creator’s highlight of his creative life.

Telecast Awards Show: AC/DC’s opener jump started the night, with the entire audience encouraged to wear their provided devil horns headband for effect. Fun! From there the night flew ( sometimes watching from TV is not the same experience ) as you could feel the electricity of music’s biggest night. We did not notice the subtle Kanye West drama. It was only when the chatter after the fact, along with seeing the footage, that it really sank in. I purposely wanted to wait to post about the show to let my distaste for his energy spill out on my otherwise positive accounting of the evening. I will say this though….there is no new ego under the sun. We have seen those like him before and will see them again. Diseased egos darkening the community that otherwise is seemingly rising above the industry stereotypes of old. One very prominent figure said we should hold Kanye to his word and encourage him not to play with us anymore, as he threatened to do. Amen to that.

The after party saw Jesse J rock her anthem “Bang Bang” and other hits. Then Gloria Gaynor played her hits to conclude with ” I Will Survive “. We ended the night by dancing to the mixes of one of the planet’s most famous DJs until the early hours of the following day.

New friends met. Old ones renewed. Another great way to end the awards and convention season of 2015.

Done. Done. Done. And done…

>Smiled with my sweetheart as we watched the last sunset of 2013. Watched the ball drop, then saw fireworks light up the night as candle lamps rose up in the forefront.
>Began the new year with my traditional pier walk next to my girl. Beautiful start.
>Ate black eyed peas with friends for good luck in the afternoon.
>Casted and sealed my Grammy ballot for this year’s Grammy Awards show. (Good luck to ALL the nominees!)

Done. Done. Done. And done…

2013 Grammy Awards Sunday, 2/10/13

The first thing I appreciated was there were no glaring mess-ups technically. I know….that seems small, but man, in the past those production issues clouded my enjoyment of the evening.

Rather then going into all the detail – my favorite performances and moments, or my voting being aligned with most of the winners, I can say this for sure.

In my opinion, the Grammys have come a long long way. I remember the earlier days when they were criticized for being too mainstream and out of touch with the leading edge of music creativity. But today I feel they welcome the edge while advocating for recognizing those who have justly earned their place by passing the test of time. It’s not an easy thing. But the Recording Academy’s incredibly dedicated and talented staff of professionals bring it – and this year was no exception to their rule. They rule the music awards world, and earned their reputation as the music industry’s biggest night.

OK,OK…..I have to close by weighing in on just one favorite performance. Watch for Mr. Timberlake’s re-entry into music with his latest outing hitting the streets soon. You could feel it in the air – another Grammy magic moment.