NEW SONGS – The month of March was busy penning new songs and recording.
Recording: A boy band pop song called “I Like Your Friend” featuring the talented Tyler Shamy and produced by Jack Elliot has gotten their AR champions excited. Tracking was completed on a co-written Christmas song for the amazing Andrea Hamilton’s holiday CD to be released this fall. Heads up – there are only 266 shopping days left! And this just in… Tyrone Wells, on his nationwide tour, is planning to track vocals with talented producer Brad Hill for the Wells/Grey penned “Amazing Life” during his tour stop in Nashville, TN. This song has been a long labor of love while waiting for Brad to fully recover from a bad motorcycle accident. Welcome back Brad – so good to hear you are back at the console!
Songwriting: Collaborated with Billy Schafer on a couple of new ones we are excited about. Billy is enjoying success with a credit on Daniel Powter’s ( “Bad Day” mega hit ) recent follow up release. More fun, productivity, and pop songs with Tyler Shamy. Also very excited about plans that are underway to work with two roster artists on newly formed Chanl Records.